1. Remember not to be terrified - most people will only suffer minor flu-like symptoms. Firstly, to explain self-isolation, in case you have the symptoms. If you don't understand what the symptoms are, or you think you have it, please click the link above: "I'm Showing Symptoms".

2. Self-Isolation is for people who are showing symptoms of the Corona-Virus (AKA Covid-19/SARS CoV-19). There is no current access to tests unless you are admitted to hospital and even then it seems that a fair few of them are crap.

3. You won't be able to get a test if you just turn up at the hospital without being admitted for existing health conditions, or, if you have self-isolated for seven days and you continue to be unwell in which case you should continue to self-isolate (if you live alone - there is separate instructions for people who live with others - everybody should self-isolate until the last person who has shown symptoms has self-isolated for seven days and no longer shows symptoms.

4. Self-Isolation is now about the protection of everybody, including your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues (where you absolutely have to work - otherwise, push your Employer to allow home working).

5. Self-Isolation is also about protecting Contractors calling at your home, the emergency services, the Avro Hollows', Manchester City Council and Northwards' staff and volunters and the CDIRF team who all need to help as many people as possible. These people will all, in turn, come into contact with people. By not going out at all if you have the symptoms, and keeping your distance the rest of the time, you help us all to avoid spreading the virus. Keep your head in gear!

6. Self-Isolation is separate to the new law and demands of the government Including the government demanding that we do not go out unless we satisfy one of the exceptions as you will have heard in the media. We will publish more information on this as soon as possible.

7. Wash your hands with soap and water often - please do this for at least 20 seconds. Use genuine hand sanitiser wherever possible too.

8. Always wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you get to a place that you can and whenever there is an opportunity when you go out and as often as possible.

9. Use hand santiser gel if soap and water is not available (if you can get hold of it) - Linda Brokenshire, Estate Manager at Avro Hollows' Tenant Management Organisation has installed hand sanitiser in all tower blocks in reception areas - please do not refill it or remove it. This will be placed under cameras to avoid the odd person who would consider it OK to steal it.

10. You should make even more effort to use it since our Contractors appear to have gone on unofficial strike - we are in the process of dealing with this and we will get the Health and Safety Executive/Environmental Health Department involved if cleaning is not taken up seven days a week by a professional Contractor.

11. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze. If you do accidentally sneeze or cough straight into your hands - do not touch anything and wash your hands (as above). There is now at least a strong suggestion that people can spread the virus before getting the symptoms

12. Please put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands as soon as you possibly can (as above).

13. Try to avoid close contact (in person) with people who are unwell (but please support your neighbours with the front door staying shut as a barrier if they have come down with it) - or phone - people really appreciate a supportive voice at their lowest ebb (you could also Skype if you have data or similar and do video). Please respect those who just want to rest in peace and quiet alone - some do - it's not personal

14. Never spit in public places or disgard your gum in public places - please use a toilet if you must. Report people that do to the Estate Office (or to us), in confidence, keeping a note of the date and time for the purposes of estate CCTV.

15. Make sure rubbish goes into wheeled bins please around the estate, this stops foxes ripping open the bin bags. It's worth making sure your bin bag is weighty enough to stop it blowing back out of the bin too but you could avoid throwing tissues away in a bin bag if you are at home as you could flush them straight down the loo (obviously don't block your loo with anything else though!!)

16. If you do go on to have the symptoms of the virus, double bad rubbish and wait 72 hours before taking it outside. Don’t recycle anything that saliva could have come into contact with.

17. Anything small could go down the rubbish shoots but please make sure you bag it and double tie the bag to protect the binmen. All such rubbish can currently be disposed of with your normal waste. Bins (including recycling) are currently being emptied as normal.

18. When fussing any of your pets or other people’s pets, please wash your hands before and after - this is in case other people have fussed them and there is also some suggestion that humans can pass on the Corona Virus to animals such that they become sick (although it is said that they can’t directly pass it back, other than in their fur).

19. Never shake hands as it means you are not keeping your distance and you are putting yourself and others at risk - we love shaking people's hands and this is gutting, come up with your own code and say "i'd normally shake your hand but..." As I write, I bowed my head to someone the other day - that worked!

20. Only travel on public transport if you really need to - Transport for Manchester is imposing a reduced service to promote the cleaning of vehicles including trams and buses. You might also find that trains are affected and the current government’s demands are that you must not travel far from your home unless it is for one of the government’s exceptions. A lot of bus services will be run on a half hourly service from 20 March 2020 and as of 25 March 2020 until further notice.

21. Work from home, if you can.

22. Cinemas, Pubs and Theatres have now been shut as of 20 March 2020 although some will be offering either a take-away or a delivery service, Many places have put in place what they are calling "self distancing measures” where you must stand a certain distance away from each other. All places that you can eat at are not offering the ability to sit at a table so you will need to eat outside of the place that you buy your food.

23. Some takeaways have now shut their front door (and other shops (except for essential services such as chemists and those that sell food) were demanded to shut altogether when the lockdown began on 23 March 2020. You can purchase most things on Amazon and on the websites of the companies that have had to shut their shops by law. It’s worth checking it a store that had been demanded to close is now offering the ability to order online, even if they didn’t before.

24. Gatherings of two or more people have now been banned by law. The gestapo can issue fines and disperse larger groups. The vast majority of public events have been cancelled, if you haven't heard yet, you are likely to hear about the cancellation of an event very soon. Even Eastenders and Coronation Street have temporarily stopped filming and are on less during the week!

25. The government have effectively banned you from visiting friends or family and them visiting you, regardless of whether you have symptoms or not. The government are demanding it, not us, but we encourage you to use social media, telephone or Email wherever possible including video calls.

26. The Government is now forcing people not to travel abroad for an initial period of 30 days (although this is likely to be extended). You can find more information on the www.gov.uk website about how other countries are responding to the Corona Virus.

27. The NHS will and should have already now begun to contact you if you are at particularly high risk of getting the Covid-19 Corona Virus starting Monday 23 March 2020. You'll be provided with specific advice as to what to do.

28. Please do share this advice but communicate that it is provided without liability being accepted - this means that if you use it, or anybody else uses it, you agree not to take any kind of legal action against us.

Other than some extra additional pointers, this advice was adapted from the NHS Website available from https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19 (opens a new window) and following the latest government annoucements on changes in the law covered in the mainstream media (BBC, Sky News etc).

Further Information..

The estate comprises of four tower blocks and two rows of houses split into two flats (there are no cows but most of these flats do smell of cheese due to the damp in them). Some of the flats across the estate contain 1 and, shockingly, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

Avro Hollows' Tenant Management Organisation purport to manage the estate on behalf of Manchester City Council, in association with Northwards housing (Northwards' Housing will, however, deny all knowledge of this). The estate is most definitely not run for the benefit of the local community with some residents describing the estate as an "open prison".

To find out more...please read our article "more about the estate" below.

Who We Are..

This website and its online community was set up by a resident on the Croydon Drive Estate who may or may not be closely related to C.G.B. Spender (the truth is not out there). It is entirely free to use and to become a member and it always will be. Personally identifiable information is not collected or stored protecting the anonymity of members. We only publish the tower block of the residents (so the person writing will be 1/72 or 71 people - dependent on the specific tower block).

It is not a breach of a resident's tenancy agreement to join Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum. The right to set up tenant groups is in fact specifically protected within resident's tenancy agreements.

The starting point for the forum was to create an online presence. The forum itself has the ability for members to send private messages (not read by the forum admin) and Members are encouraged to use their common sense in remaining anonymous and protecting themselves online. There is a reporting feature above all posts should anybody be concerned about the content - particularly where it is discriminatory or hateful - humour is of course allowed within reason.

Members are encouraged to have their say and provide feedback on the existing forum sections (including the popular "The Vent" and various general interests categories) and to request new ones. This also extends now to website content. We strongly urge residents to register using the unique registration code letters, most recently posted through doors in August 2019 by one of our kind elves.

The Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum is, unfortunately, not open to Contractors, Employees or Volunteers (including members) of Avro Hollows' Tenant Management Organisation, Northwards' Housing or Manchester City Council to protect the integrity of the forum and the anonymity of members and access is not permitted from locations run by them to protect the security of login details.

To ensure that our security policies are upheld vigorously for the benefit of members, we regularly lookup IP addresses that are logged when members log in. Our independence policy was ratified by members in 2018.

The Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum is set up by residents to further the interests of residents. It's that simple. A large part of that is to take the current management (Avro Hollows' TMO) to task where they fail residents through causing as much embarrassment as possible.

If any residents struggle to register (you need to sign up using the register option), please do use the contact form link above (or the contact link on the forum itself).

If you are a resident who has not yet registered - what are you waiting for? A very warm welcome awaits!

About Our Estate..

The estate has security gates at every entrance where many tenants cannot get in and out of all of the gates without pressing the buzzer (although thieves can) and it has so many cameras that it puts Big Brother to shame. All tenants have their mugshots taken to aid with tracking them from the moment they leave their flat until they leave the estate (perhaps further?) and there is a 24 hour live feed available to lucky viewers on Channel Commsec.

Cameras are monitored by Commsec Security (when it suits them) who, until at least very recently, controlled the access controls in Greater Manchester Police buildings - what do you know! Until recently, it was commonplace for gate intercom calls to go unanswered, particularly in the winter, leaving tenants to get soaked. Commsec Security are, however, excellent at bellowing over the multiple speaker tannoy system from their offices about 1.5 miles away, over which they particularly enjoy repeating "this is a test" to remind tenants that they are watching.

There are entrance intercoms on each tower block. On two of them, tenants do not ever get to speak to their visitors as the dial pad has been removed and replaced with a camera, and, on the other two, Commsec Security like to randomly divert intercom calls to them when they get bored. On all four tower blocks, Commsec Security like to have a conversation with your guests instead, particularly when your food (and takeaway driver) is getting cold.

Avro Hollows' TMO work very closely with Greater Manchester Police (when it suits them) and other "agencies" to reduce any incidents that they conveniently describe (or refuse to describe) as anti social behavior and they rarely take care of more vulnerable tenants where they prefer to send threatening letters, by hand, to the wrong address whilst somehow travelling up tower blocks, hand delivering the letters (whilst still not realising).

The MGMT..

We have a highly unmotivated team running the estate, including the TMO Board, the Estate Manager and "office team" (1 person), four Caretakers ("Welcome to the Tesco Mobile Voicemail Service.") and a Gardener that likes to mow the lawns across the grounds with a garden lawn mower rather than a small vehicle so it's noisier for longer. It is fair to say that the grounds do look pretty nice - of course it's very important to hide the state of the flats and particularly the Shackleton Court tower block where some tenants don't even have proper locks on their front doors - padlocks replace them.

The Board..

The TMO board are extremely selective about who they invite to their meetings (you'd have more chance of being invited to bank with Coutts) and the majority of tenants do not get a look in or a say on anything at TMO board meetings where they are no longer announced for fear of tenants protesting.

Avro Hollows' TMO are certainly not there to make the experience of living on the Croydon Drive estate a "really happy one" unless you are one of a select few on the board with access to around £90k at present and around £250k a year grant funding (from Northwards).

Welcome to the Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum where we do things differently and respect each other.